Dunagain Decals
1/350 Fletcher Class Destroyer
Anti-skid Walkways Decals
by Kelly Quirk
This looks like another excellent set of decals by Dunagain. As with other releases, you get a clear and comprehensive instruction sheet, with placement drawings and tips on where the modeler may want to make some cuts.
The decals themselves appear to be perfectly printed. You get 2 sets of walkway patterns, the solid version for the early DD445 Fletcher, and the pattern of pads that were on virtually all later Fletcher class destroyers. Remember that these decals are printed on a sheet of continuous decal film, so every decal must be carefully trimmed before application. They are also susceptible to scratches, so take care in handling them. Of course all this is pointed out in the instruction sheet. Also provided are four sets of complete hull numbers, and enough extra number to do just about any Fletcher class you desire. To round it out, draft markings and exact scale national flag and jack are included. The national flag in my sample is a bit fuzzy on the red stripes, perhaps once applied they will look better.
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The pad style decals are, at least to me, indispensable. It would be virtually impossible to paint these on to a model. The appearance of these on the decks will add a tremendous amount of realism and visual interest to your model. They appear to be thoroughly researched, and extra lines are provided on the sheet so the modeler can customize the ship to his exact needs.

This set is highly recommended, I wouldn't build a Fletcher class without them. I in fact will be using them soon on my own model, and I will do a review on the actual application at that time. This set is a 10, folks.

These decals are currently available from Pacific Front Hobbies, Naval Base Hobbies, Colpar Hobbies, and White Ensign Models. They are also available from Toms Modelworks on a special order basis.
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