Dragon 1/700 Carrier Wings
1950 "Jet Era" Set A

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
You asked for it, you got it! Separate aircraft sets from Dragon available from Cyber-hobbies are here. These 50's era aircraft are available in two sets, this one featuring the Panthers and Skyraiders.
The aircraft come molded in clear plastic with 18 aircraft total in a nice blister pack. These are the same aircraft found in Dragon carrier kits such as the USS Bon Homme Richard CV-31 and USS Antietam CV-36. They are available in four sets divided into WW II and Korean Era. Straight and swept wing Panthers with AD-6 Skyraiders in set A and in set B F-2H Banshee, F4U Corsairs and Dragonfly helo's. The molding on all is very sharp, especially for 700 scale. Panel lines are visible and they are recessed not raised. Since they are molded clear you can mask the canopy and paint them and after you remove the mask have a clear canopy. The parts are very fine and delicate and appear to be to-scale. Click images
to enlarge
AD-6 Skyraider.  3 Sprues with 2 aircraft total. Includes separate wing tanks, One is molded with wings extended and one with separate wings that can be folded or extended. Includes separate landing gear and propellers.
F9F2 Panther.  3 sprues with 2 aircraft. One with extended wings, one with separate wings for folding. Includes separate landing gear.
F9F8 Panther. 3 sprues with 2 aircraft each. Includes separate landing gear. Two motor tugs are also on this fret.
The decals by Cartograf include the aircraft stars and bars that were used during the 1950's. Large and small Navy marking are provided for the wings and fuselage. 
A new decal sheet has been added to this set. It includes large and small letters typically found on the tail, fuselage, and wings of Korean War era Naval aircraft. Note the Panther's flying past the USS Princeton in this 1951 image. Numbers are also provided in large and small size as well as some additional NAVY decals.
Exploded and assembled views are shown for each aircraft. A color sheets shows the markings and painting info.
Bravo Zulu Dragon, we finally have an accurate set of aircraft in 700 scale for the Korean War years. Now the airwings are here to allow you to do add to the airwings on those kits. This is set # 7077 1/700 Cyber Hobby 1950 USN Carrier Wings "JET ERA" Set A listed at $7.95. Don't wait the first issue of this set without the bonus decals sold out in barely over a month. Get yours now. These sets are also carried by Cyber-Hobby.com for customers outside the US.