Reviewed by Timothy Dike
If you have the new Dragon 1/350 USS Independence, you were probably blown away by the aircraft included. You are probably one of those who have been pleading for these aircraft to be made available separately. Well your wish has been granted. Cyber-Hobby now has these aircraft sets ready to populate your carriers. 
F6F Hellcat x2
There are two sprues of the Hellcat in this set. One with fixed wings and one with folded wings. They are molded in clear plastic so that you can mask over the canopy and paint the rest of the aircraft. Underwing rockets and a night fighter radar pod are also included. 
A variety of aircraft roundels are provided covering several periods. 
A simple sheet is included showing the assembly of the folded and unfolded wing aircraft. Decal placement and painting info are also included. The back of the packaging shows the other aircraft sets and what's included in each.

I consulted on the design and development of this set, so I may be a bit biased. But in my opinion, these aircraft are best plastic 1/350 aircraft available now. I like the fact that you can buy them as a set or by each aircraft type. Those of you that want a full airwing on deck can now have it for a fair price. I am sure that many modeler may want to replace the aircraft in some of the other kits already on the market too.