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replacement turrets
1/125 Scale 5" Replacement Turrets 
If you have ever built Lindbergh's large 1/125 Blue Devil Destroyer, then you know one of that kits major shortcomings is it's improperly shaped 5" gun turrets. Steven Brejnak's has created his own nicely detailed replacements in 1/125 that are perfect for replacements.  Click 
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The turrets come in two styles 5" 38 Cal Mk30 Mod 18 and 19 and Mod 30 and 31. The Mod 30 and 31 have an extra knuckle on the roof to reinforce against the blast effect of the MK 1 turrets used on the upper levels. This is a common oversight in almost every scale model I've seen  on the market. 
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My castings arrived clean with no pin holes and include molded on hatches and surface details. The turrets have the correct offset on one side of the gun barrel. This extra room was needed to allow the crew load the gun efficiently. The only thing I could find to complain about is the break line on one of the knuckles that was at a slight angle. This is pretty easy to fix with a little sanding.  This image shown actual size, no need to enlarge

The Lindbergh is an impressive kit in size, it can be made into a presentable kit with the help of these new turrets. Steven has also announced that he is working on a repair for some of the kits other major flaws.

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