Miscellaneous Decals
for assorted projects
There have been a number of questions about the Bismarck in the Gallery built by Andy Elwood, particularly where he got the decals for the aircraft. Well Andy shared these decals with me that he found to do his models. Sometimes you have to look outside the normal channels to get your detailing supplies as evidenced by the war gaming decals listed below. Click 
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Command Decision offered these German Crosses in 1/100 scale that are great for the wing markings on 1/350 scale German float planes. These decals are unusual in that they are similar to the peel and stick type. They don't scan well as there is almost no contrast on the white cross outlines. But I think you get the idea.
GHQ Micro Armour Decals makes these German Balkenkreuz and Aerial recognition decals in 1/285 scale that can be used on 1/350 scale float planes.
Hostile Aircraft  makes these British Night Roundels & RNAS Personal Markings and Names. These decals are for 1/285 war gaming scale but can be used on some of the British aircraft embarked aboard your ship.

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