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By Rusty White
I noticed a while back on the RMS site, a post that asked the question; "Would there be any interest for a photo CD of the USS Enterprise?"   I quickly sent a reply to the poster that he could put me down for one.  Being a modern warship builder, I know there aren't many good reference photos available on modern warships, let alone super carriers.  The only really good book on the Enterprise is the recently re-printed Detail and Scale book by Bert Kinsey.  Click 
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Unfortunately, the book has no new information on the ship since it was printed originally, so modelers were left wanting for recent photos of upgrades to the ship. Peter Chow visited the Enterprise during a public viewing and took 97 excellent quality photos with a modeler's eye, paying close attention to detail not normally seen in books on the subject.   Since these photos were taken recently on board the Enterprise, the photos reflect the latest upgrades to the ship. 
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Most of the photos on this disk are EXCELLENT.  A few are taken on the "shadowed side" of the subjects, but that was to be expected since the sun could not be moved.  However, even the photos of the shadowed sides are in focus and quite usable. This image shown actual size, no need to enlarge
The bulk of the photos include close-ups and detail shots of the island and hangar deck.  Photos are also included of the tow tractors, tilly crane, hose reel stations, blast shields (raised), catwalks, mast, radars, port and starboard hull, captains launch, markings, views from the bridge, detail shots of the bridge, and many, many more.  Another really nice addition to the disk is an MPEG movie of the island showing all the radars rotating.  The flight deck markings are noticeable in many of the shots giving the modeler a good look at the latest markings for Enterprise.
In my opinion, this is an excellent value for the money ($25.00 incl. Priority Mail post).  If you have the D&S book, you absolutely must have this photo CD to really bring it up to date, as well equip the modeler with everything needed to super detail the latest version of the USS Enterprise.   A book with this many photos would sell for $50.00 or more!
 I hope Peter gets on board more modern vessels in the future as I am really looking forward to more from him.  You can contact Peter for your CD at:

Peter Chow
11865 Plantation Parkway
Fayetteville, GA 30215