Brazilian A-4 landing on USN Carrier
There are many carriers available in 1/1250 scale, but adding an accurate airwing has been a problem due to the limited number of aircraft available. C.A.P. AERO produces a line of aircraft sets that will help solve that problem. This set of A-4 Skyhawk's comes in a set of 5, cast in white metal. The aircraft include under wing tanks and tripod landing gear. The gear are no more than pegs, but considering the incredibly small size, that is acceptable. They do allow you to display the aircraft in it's nose high stance.  Click images
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There is some flash on these, but it's minor and they are pretty well done overall. You have to admit that a carrier looks just plain naked without some aircraft on board.
A single page insert is included with aircraft data. 

This is kit #C3U 12  McDonell Douglas A-4 Skyhawk x 5  with a price of  $3.75. A good price for those who need to need to equip their Cold War Flattops. 

Special thanks to Morning Sunshine Models for the review sample. In case you haven't noticed they have a huge selection of ships and accessories at great prices.