Corsair Armada product review
Review by Timothy Dike
If you have built any of the Trumpeter 1/350 carriers you know that they have some pretty nice aircraft in them. However if you look close, you might notice that in some ways they are lacking in some important details. Especially on the F6f Hellcats.  
Enter Corsair Armada with this update set to allow you to display your aircraft with pride and more importantly accuracy. This set includes enough parts to do six aircraft with fixed or folded wings. A belly fuel tank and two under wing bombs are included to give your aircraft even more detailing. A nicely detailed engine cowling is included that needs to be seen alongside the kit part to really appreciate it. New landing gear with realistic wheel hubs and tires are very well cast. The wings have wheel wells that are more like the prototype. click images
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 In the Trumpeter aircraft sets, you will notice that if you wish to display them with the wings deployed, you will have a pretty big seam to fill. Not a problem, just use the one provided in this set. Another problem with the Trumpeter version is the way the folded wing goes together. These have nice detailing on the ends. Another big plus is that these parts actually fit well with the kit parts. So other than removing that very thin layer of resin flash, you will not have to do a lot of cleanup or sanding. 

I really didn't get excited about this set until I compared it with the plastic kit parts. These are cast extremely well and very finely detailed. If you like accurate details, you are going to love this update set. These should be available now. Check the Corsair Armada website for ordering details.