Corsair Armada 1/700
5"25 Cal Gun Mount Set
Corsair Armada product review
Review by Timothy Dike
In some of my ship reviews, you might remember that I often make reference to replacing the kit supplied 5"25 cal gun mounts with Corsair Armada ones. That is because with few exceptions, most don't really even resemble the actual gun mounts. Not to worry as these resin replacements are spot on replacements. Cast as two pieces the gun assembly is separate from the base and yoke. This allows you to pose the gun at a realistic angle. click images
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The casting is very fine on the gun assembly. All you need to do is cut the gun from the resin runner and lightly scrape the edge to remove the resin film. The base has the fuse setter details cast on and the pictures I took don't do the parts justice. Note I did not glue these parts together. The barrel assembly almost snaps in place in the yoke. 

Eight gun mounts are included and one loading machine. Just enough to do one typical US Cruiser. Pacific Front lists these on their website for $6.00 a set. A great price for these accurate gun mounts. Check the Corsair Armada website for more details.