Corsair Armada product review
Review by Timothy Dike
One of the harder items to properly cast on a ship kit is the mooring chocks. Photo etch is often used to simulate these, but the results are somewhat flat and 2 dimensional. Corsair Armada has produced a true 3D mooring chock perfect for your 1/350 Capital ships, such as Carriers, Battleships and most large cruisers. This set can also be used for 1/192 Destroyers and other small vessels. 

Each set includes 44 open and 44 closed style chocks cast on a resin block. The parts have a thin film of resin that literally falls off when touched. 

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This is set #350-002 Generic chocks, open & closed for $5.00  This set is a must for scratchbuilder and those who want to improve their existing kits. Check the Corsair Armada website for ordering details.