C2 by Kelly Quirk
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Here's a new item from BMK Modelmarine.de Shop. Machined Tapered conical masts for your 1/700 scale ships. 
This one measures 60 mm or about 2-3/8" tall. It includes a mounting pin and tapers from 1.2 mm at the base to .5 mm at the tip. I have four of these and they are all exactly alike. If you are curious about how they are made click this link. They are sold individually, not as a set. I am showing four of them so you can see how the machining process produces identical parts. If you need a different size, BMK also makes them such as this 55 mm version or you can cut this one down to suit your needs. Click images
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This item is #Z001-60 Mast 60 mm for 2.00 EUR or about $2.75 US at the current exchange rate. That's not a bad price when you consider how fine these little masts are. You can order them direct from the Shop or where ever BMK accessories are sold.

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