C2 by Kelly Quirk
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
BMK Modelmarine.de Shop has been turning out some nice CNC Machined parts. These are the US Navy standard 5 inch 38 caliber gun barrels found on everything from destroyers to battleships. This set included 20 barrels, enough to equip a standard battleship or a squadron of destroyers.

These 20 gun barrels are a dramatic improvement over the standard over scale plastic parts typically found in kits. They are center drilled for a hollow effect. Each one has a small mounting pin on the end to make mounting easier. All 20 of my samples were identical, with a nice finish on each one. 
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This is item is #20350US127 5'' for Tamiya "Missouri" 1/350 20pcs for 17.00 EUR or $25.00 US at the current exchange rate. This set will equip 4 Fletchers class, or 5 Benson class destroyers or any Battleship from the Iowa class to the new South Dakota class like the USS Massachusetts. If you just want to do a single destroyer, then check out the other sets with 5 or 16 gun barrels. That's a great price for these precise brass gun barrels. You can order them direct from the Shop or where ever BMK accessories are sold.

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