BMK 1/144 5"/38 Brass Barrels

BMK Shop has released a set of brass barrel upgrades for the main guns of your Revell Germany 1/144 Fletcher. This machined brass barrel have few if any machining marks. As is the BMK practice, the barrel have been drilled out and have a small pin left for mounting to the mantlet.

The BMK barrel measures 1.093" in length; the Revell barrels measure 1.035". According to my references, actual length in 1/144 is 1.087". The error in barrel width is even greater; at the base, the BMK barrel is .1025" and the Revell is .1465"; actual is .0876". The widths at the muzzle are; BMK .058", Revell .063-.065" (barrel isn't very round) and actual is .059".

No matter how you measure it, BMK's barrels are a dramatic improvement over the kit's plastic ones!

This barrel (01144US127) retails for 1.50 Euros, or about $2.00, each (sold individually). You can order them direct from the Modellmarine Shop or where ever BMK accessories are sold.