BMK 1/144 40mm/56 Brass Barrel

BMK Shop has released a brass barrel upgrade for the 40mm guns of your Revell Germany 1/144 Fletcher. This machined brass barrel is very clean and the muzzle has been drilled out and flared. As normal, BMK has machined a small pin left for mounting.

The BMK barrel does not have the Bofors distinctive recoil spring machined in place. The modeller will have to provide there own, whether via wrapped solder, a real spring, or coiled wire.

The BMK barrel measures .58" long with my calipers; the Revell barrel measures .54". The width of the cooling jacket/barrel is very close; BMK is .038", Revell is .034". I am not sure what the actual dimensions are, but the BMK barrel looks correct.

This barrel (01144US40B) retails for 2.00 Euros, or about $2.80, each (sold individually). You can order them direct from the Modellmarine Shop or where ever BMK accessories are sold.