BMK 1/350 20.3cm/60 Barrels for Trumpeter's Prinz Eugen

reviewed by Sean Hert

BMK Shop has released a brass barrel upgrade for the 203mm guns of your 1/350 Trumpeter Prinz Eugen. These barrels have been machined to BMK's high standard, with drilled out muzzles and stepped barrel sleeves. As normal, BMK has machined a small pin left for mounting.

A great replacement for the plastic barrels in your Prinz Eugen, this barrels are a fine companion to the high level of detail of the kit's turrets.

This barrel set (T8350KM20360) for Prinz Eugen retails for 16.00 Euros, or about $23.70. You can order them direct from the Modellmarine Shop or where ever BMK accessories are sold.