C2 by Kelly Quirk
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
BMK Modelmarine.de Shop has been turning out some nice CNC Machined parts. These are the US Navy standard 16 inch 50 caliber gun barrels found on Iowa class battleships.
This set includes nine 16 in gun barrels machined from brass. They have a precise finish with the ends center drilled to give that hollow barrel effect. The steps in the barrel are well defined and more accurate than the plastic parts found in the Tamiya kits. A mounting pin will allow you to easily fit it to your kit. Click images
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This is item is #002350USNJ Gun Barrel Set for Tamiya "Missouri" 1/350 for 34.00 EUR or $50.00 US at the current exchange rate. That might seem steep until you see the difference it will make on your Battleship class. If your going to spend extra money on photo etch and other upgrade set, don't forget this obvious upgrade. You can order them direct from the Shop or where ever BMK accessories are sold.

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