BMK 1/350 French 152mm/55 M1930 Brass Barrels

BMK Shop has release an upgrade set of 9 brass barrels for the secondary battery of the Trumpeter 1/350 Richelieu battleship kit. These barrels are a vast improvement over the plastic barrels provided in the kit- notice the pronounced muzzle crown present on the brass barrels. The all three kit barrels are mounted to a central mandrel; they all elevate in unison in this kit. To mount these brass barrels, simply snip the old ones off, drill a small pilot hole, and attach the new ones!

As always, BMK has pre-drilled the bore on these barrels. These barrels would also be suitable for the main battery of a 1/350 Émile Bertin or La Galissonnière, if such a kit where to exist!

BMK consistently produces quality machined brass barrels. This set sells for €9.00, or about $11.00.

You can order them direct from the Shop or where ever BMK accessories are sold.

Thanks to BMK for these review samples.