Reviewed by Timothy Dike
A common site in waterways around US Navy and other nations ships is the RHIB, Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat. These little boats are a cross between a life raft and a rigid hull boat. The inflated portion gives them buoyancy even when taking on large amounts of water. This makes them superior in rescue operations. The inflated tube around the gunwale is divided into sections so that one puncture will not deflate the whole tube.
The Battlefleet Models set included two large and two small RHIB's. They are cast with deep lines scribed around the tube to represent the separate sections. These are not always visible on all RHIBs but give the boat a little character. The console and some interior detail is cast in place. The casting is clean and sharp and all you have to do is cut it away from the resin casting block and do some light touch up. 

All in all, it's a pretty simple part and there is not too much you can say about it.

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These are a nice touch for the modern ship builder. This is kit # BFM-7107 for  $3.00 Dollars US. Available direct from Battlefleet Models or wherever fine ship kits are sold.