Reviewed by Timothy Dike
When ships are docked in port they are vulnerable to air attack. This was proved on December 7th at Pearl Harbor when the US Fleet was attacked. The damage to the ships could have been lessened by flying barrage balloons over the ships and around the harbor. This would have made it difficult for enemy aircraft to fly in among the ships and attack. The balloons also were quite effective in for observation purposes. A gondola could be slung beneath them to allow for spotting submarines and other threats from a distance.
Battlefleet has a neat little set of these balloons to protect your fleet from air attack. These balloons mastered by Peter Fulgoney are cast in resin three to a tree.  There is no flash or defects to note on my samples and they resemble the typical barrage balloons found flying over allied ships at war. Even the surface of the balloon has a soft bumpy look to it and the fins have the stitching that creates the three air chambers that allow the fins to hold their shape when inflated. 

All three of the balloons are slightly different and they will each have their own distinct look if used on the same diorama. 

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The instructions consist of a single sheet with images of Peter's diorama using one of his balloons. Since there are no parts to assemble there is little need for anything else. I guess if I was to find fault, I would say that a rigging diagram would be a nice addition. 
These are a nice touch for the diorama modeler. It is certainly an overlooked detail that will make your diorama stand out.  This is kit # BFM-722 for  $10.00 Dollars US. Available direct from Battlefleet Models or wherever fine ship kits are sold.