Reviewed by Timothy Dike
1/350 modelers have been seeing lot's of new kits in recent years. Aftermarket sets for them are there too, but one thing that has been lacking, is a good dock set to base your ships. Battlefleet has now remedied that with the new dock set that will allow you to build it your way.
There are two versions of this kit, a  Standard and Deluxe Set. The standard set includes one each of the Part #A, #C, and #F, and two of the part #E. The deluxe set adds one each of part #B and #D. All the individual parts are also available separately just in case you want to configure your own set. The parts are nicely cast in gray resin. My samples were well cast with no defects on the surface. A few parts had some voids due to air bubbles, but they were all on the bottom where they wont show. The top and mating surfaces were smooth and the parts will fit up nicely with a minimum of sanding. The tops are flat and smooth with a nice uniform curb all along the outside border. The sides feature rectangular pilings rising from the waterline with a horizontal brace running along the top. The docks are a scale 10' from waterline to top surface. The individual sections are described below: click images
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Part A
The first section consists of a long flat dock with a gap in the pilings on front face for mating with a section E. This section is used to form a "T" shaped dock. The post detail is only modeled on the front side. It measure a scale 175' long by 45' wide. It is part #BFM-35003A Parallel & Vertical Dock Join Section also available separately for $10.00.
Part B
The long 175' long section is designed to connect to the section above. It is also 45' wide and has only the front face detailed with the pilings. It sells separately as #BFM-35003B Parallel Top Dock Section for $10.00.
Part C
A corner section measuring 68' long by 45' wide is used to terminate the long narrow sections above. They feature a rounded front corner on the lower left corner. This part is also available separately as #BFM-35003C Parallel Top Dock Section Left Side End Cap for $5.00.
Part D
The opposite corner will dress off the other end of you dock. It is a mirror image of the above part. It is available separately as part #BFM-35003D Parallel Top Dock Section Right Side End Cap for $5.00.
Part E
This middle section can be mated to part A to form the leg of the "T". It is wider at 90' and is also 175' long. Since it is detailed on both sides you can dock ships on either side. You can connect other part E sections to create a longer dock for larger ships or terminate it with a part F' shown below. This part is available separately as #BFM-35003E Center Dock Section  for $15.00.
Part F
This 90' wide end section is designed to terminate the section above. It's two rounded sections will add another 68' in length to your part E. It is #BFM-35003F End Dock Section available separately for $10.00 
The instructions are pretty basic with a cover page for each set, a layout page, and a common page of resin working tips. This is really all that is needed as the only assembly is to butt the section up and glue them in place.

Finally 350 modelers are getting some nice dock accessories. The possibilities are endless. You can build a small dock or a large complex for all your ships. The  standard set (#BFM-35003S Standard Dock Set) sells for $50.00 and the deluxe set (#BFM-35003DX Deluxe Dock Set) for $60.00. Or mix and match the individual sections above to create your own base. Check out Battlefleet's website for more details.