by Sean Hert

AMP is an Australian company offering accessories to accurize and improve your models. These fabric flags tend to run in larger scales, making them especially suitable for R/C applications; however, they are not soley for R/C. AMP has sent in a few samples of their flags, and they are impressive.

The flags are well printed on fabric, and seem very colorfast and tough. AMP also has a method of sealing the fabric, so fraying is very limited, if not actually non-existent. Previously, many of the flags offered were "one-size fits all" with proportions convenient to the printer (typically 3x5), but not historically accurate. These flags are all printed in the appropriate scale and with accurate dimensions.

1/32 Kriegsmarine Flag 1939-1945
1/72 USN Flag 1912-1959
1/72 UK Union Jack
The double-sided sheet of instructions includes 2 methods of removing the flag from the surrounding cloth, what to do in the rare case of fraying, a ideas on how to shape and apply the flags.

Fine examples of fabric flags from Accurate Model Parts. They have a downloadable list of the flags currently available, with more coming in the future. (FYI AMP- I'll be needing 1/144 WW2 Italian Navy sometime next year!) There is a paper printed flag option available, for certain scales.

AMP will also make custom flags of any type or scale you need!

AMP does not have an online shopping cart at the time of this writing, but they are working on one. Orders may be placed via email and Paypal at this time. Flags range from US $5.95 to $12.95, and every kit includes two flags.