Reviewed April 2015
by Timothy Dike
Alliance ModelWorks has been adding to their line of accessories. This new one will appeal to the Railroad lover and diorama fan you all of us. This one is a six stall roundhouse from the Steam Era. While listed as WW2 era, it is pretty typical of roundhouses used in the last 100 years.
The main body of the roundhouse is cast in resin. Four of the six stalls are cast open and can house most any large steam or diesel engine. There is one casting gate to remove on the corner, but overall it looks pretty sharp even without the included PE panels shown further down in this review.
A nice relief photo etched sheet provides the wall panels. Each wall panel has relief etched brick motor lines and nicely etched window frames. The roof it tiled and two styles of doors are provided. Provisions for four open doors are provided with each style. 
The instructions are a single page showing the locations of the panels.
This is really cool set that will allow you to combine your love of ships and trains! Now to get a turntable to go along with it. 

This is set number #NW70056 WWII Era Railway Roundhouse listed for $22.00. You can order yours from Harry@Battlefleet Models. He carries the entire line and many others on the website.