Alliance ModelWorks
1/350 WWII IJN Destroyer Bollards


Reviewed January 2018
by Martin J Quinn
Alliance Modelworks has released a set of Imperial Japanese Navy destroyer bollards in 1/350 scale, set NW35070.  The set includes 16 machined brass bollards and two different types of etched brass plates.

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There are sixteen bollards in the small clear plastic box, and one small sheet of photo-etch. 

The bollards are all finely machined.  There is a small nub machined in the bottom of each bollard, where it fits into the photo-etch plate.  The photo-etch fret looks nicely done as well. and has an etched "notch" for the bollard to sit in. 

Close ups of some of the set details.

There are no instructions.   Since these simply replace the plastic bollards, there is no real need for them.  You'll only need to consult your references to see which base plate to use.

This set is very well done.  The brass parts are finely machined, and the photo-etch parts nicely etched.   For the super-detailers out there, these will be a nice addition to your Imperial Japanese Navy destroyers. 

This is Alliance Modelworks set NW35070, 1/350 WWII IJN Destroyer Bollards. The set retail for $12.00, and is available from many of our fine sponsors. Thanks to Alliance Modelworks for the review sample.   Recommended.

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