Admiralty Model Works 1/700 Royal Navy 15" Gun Turrets Mk. I Polygon Late (6 pcs)

by Sean Hert

Royal Navy 15" Gun Turrets as used on the Queen Elizabeth and "R" Battleship classes. These are the late version, after the elevation of the guns was increased 30 degrees, extending the range. This elevation increase required a modification of the gun port, resulting in an armored “eyebrow” above the opening. The item contains four (4) turrets with the 15’ range finder and two (2) turrets with the 30’ range finder. Blast bags and barrels are not included.

All the turrets are cast in Admiralty's standard grey resin, with a slight casting wafer on the bottom.

Mk. I Polygon Late 15' Range Finder

Mk. I Polygon Late 30' Range Finder

Available from Admiralty Model Works is #700/520, are priced at $10.00 and are available now.