Reviewed by Timothy Dike
July 2014 a company based in the UK caters to hobby painters is now carrying the Wilder line of paints and tools. They have a very extensive line of paints, and weathering products. 
Stains and Washes
The Nitro line is enamel based in a variety of shades to help bring out the details on a surface. It is ready to use right out of the bottle, or you can thin it for more subtle effects. These products are great for highlighting rivets, seams, and shallow details that otherwise would not show up. The Nitro line is not just a generic wash, it is available for specific effects such as black smoke, diesel exhaust, and of course shadows of various colors.  
A Filter is a thin transparent layer of paint applied over a surface to alter the tone of a base coat. Filters need to be brushed onto the model using a paintbrush dampened with the effect. After dipping your paint brush into the bottle first wipe the excess filter away onto a piece of paper or dinner napkin prior to brushing it onto the model. 
Rust effects
These are available as washes of various intensities and shades. You can also get it mixed as a speckling effect to produce random rust patches. It involves flicking fine amounts of paint specks onto a surface using a stiff bristled brush.
Weathering powders
Powders provide another way to weather. Typically brushed on dry they can give dirty, muddy, or even rusty appearance to the subject. These can be mixed with either thinner or even water. They come in a variety of colors and textures to provide most any effect. 
Thinners, Fixers, and other aids
Thinner made especially for these paints will allow you to control the intensity of the wash or paint. Fixers help the powders to adhere to the surface.  Flux is helpful for those of you that solder your Photo etch instead of gluing it 
If your the type that likes having handy custom formulated weathering effects, the Wilder line has everything you need and then some. They come in sizes convenient for modelers ready to use. Check out the entire line on's website. The carry the entire Wilder line along with hundreds of ways to apply them.