Swordfish Naval Models


Reviewed October 2023
by Martin J Quinn
Swordfish Naval Models Accessories has sent us some products to review.  According to their website: 

"We are a new company based in Belgium dedicated to the reproduction with great accuracy of accessories for ship modeling.  We rely on plans and photos to reproduce the parts as faithfully as possible, which are then 3D printed on UV resin printers. We are initially dedicated to reproducing accessories at 1/350 scale. In a more or less near future, we will launch a range at 1/200 and 1/144th scale.  We have created a serie of items for the most popular navies in the world.  We hope very soon to expand our range to other navies.  We are completely open to discussion concerning your ideas, your projects, your desires or even an error which would have slipped into our range of articles. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will surely answer you."

Among the first items they've sent along is Item 35021029, 1/350 USN QUAD BOFORS 40 MM MK2 MOD3. This weapon, according to NavWeaps,  was "Probably the best automatic cannon anti-aircraft weapon of World War II, Bofors guns of this type remained in service long after the war ended. This weapon was used on almost every major USA and UK warship of World War II and was a very potent AA gun."

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The parts arrive in a plastic clamshell container.  Inside is one print raft, with two quad Bofors 40mm Mk2 Mod 3 guns.  The weapons come in two pieces, the base and the guns themselves.

Overall, the detail looks good.  The rails around the mounts base are well defined, as is the splinter shield.  Inside the splinter shields you'll find well defined seats and subtle plating texture on the deck.  There are some faint print lines on the shields, but I think those will be hidden under a coat of paint.  One of the mounts broke off in transit, but there was no damage. 


Close ups of some of the fret details.

There are no instructions.  If you go to the product page on the Swordfish website, you'll find general instructions on how to remove the parts from the print raft. 


Swordfish Models has made their entrance to the world of 3D printed modeling with a host of interesting releases, including these shielded 40mm quad mounts.  Overall, the set is well done, with some good detail.  This is certainly a solid release and worth considering.  Recommended. 

This is Swordfish Naval Models Accessories' item 35021029, 1/350 USN QUAD BOFORS 40 MM MK2 MOD3 (x2). They retail for approximately $8.50 USD, and are available from the Swordfish Naval Models Accessories website. Thanks to Swordfish Naval Models Accessories for the review sample.

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