by Andrew George
This set is designed to model your Prowlers as VAQ-135 birds. You get enough decals to do four aircraft. This particular set accommodates aircraft with serial numbers 604 – 607. You get tail art complete with bureau numbers, flap / nose and rear of the “football” numbers, NAVY / Star and bar complete with Unit name and CVW designation, separate star and bars, jet intake warnings complete with rescue arrow, rescue triangles, wingwalks, radiation marks for the nose and markings for the jamming pods. Click images
to enlarge
These decals are printed complete on the one sheet, so you have to cut close to the decal in order to separate it from the rest of the sheet. This has an advantage as you can clean up any excess before you even start to apply the decal. They appear to be a little thick when first applied, however, with a little treatment from your preferred decal-settling agent, they sit down really well on the kit. If you have layed a foundation of future or similar product, the decals do give that “painted-on” look really well.
I did have a couple of issues though. The flap / nose numbers appear to be out of scale slightly, due to the font selected. If the font were slightly thinner, the numbers wouldn’t have to be as big to show the same clarity, thus bringing them into scale. I mentioned this to Steve and he said this was a trial sheet and will take this into account on the production runs. Also, the wingwalks appear to be too dark. I would think you could tone them down during the weathering stages if you wanted to. I didn’t intend to use them so I can’t vouch for that.

Being a trial sheet, mind didn’t come with placement sheet, but I’ve been assured that production sheets will come with full colour instruction sheets, as shown by the Viking picture in this review.

In conclusion, with the small problems aside, this decal set is perfect for the VAQ-135 subjects. They are good to work with and look great. For $AU 8.00 they are most certainly worth it.

Look out for future subjects on eBay, or e-mail Steve direct on