Shelf Oddity
1/700 Chain Set for IJN Battleships, SKU# SO700204


Reviewed May 2024
by Dan Kaplan
Until recently, aftermarket anchor chains in 1/700 scale were rendered primarily in photo etch brass. While giving good detail and scale size, these offerings lacked depth, which becomes more noticeable in the larger ship type applications. 3D printed renderings of anchor chains do allow for depth and are more realistic in appearance. These have only appeared in the last few years and are now becoming more commonplace, even in 1/700 scale.

Shelf Oddity is one of those aftermarket suppliers of 3D printed anchor chains.

The set is 3D printed in a dark gray resin. The print raft is about 2-3/8” (60mm) long by 3/8” (10mm) wide. It contains two full length anchor chains, multiple chain stoppers, three battleship capstans and several handwheels. One of the capstans, along with some of the handwheels and chain stoppers, are included as spares. Each link is sharply detailed in the IJN configuration and the full-length chains are approximately 36 links to the inch.

Each link is connected to the print raft, so much care must be taken in removing them. Both the Shelf Oddity webpage and instruction sheet make the point that the links and wafer have some flexibility, and that the removal of a complete length of chain can be accomplished by using fine tweezers and moderate force.

Speaking of instructions, none are included. Instead, one merely goes to the Shelf Oddity website and find the itemand then download the instruction sheet.


I believe this set is applicable to all the IJN battleships in 1/700 excepting the Yamato-class, but I can’t confirm that. This assessment is strictly by eyeball, though the instructions seem to corroborate this by the example used. 

These chains are extremely well done and a welcome addition to any 1/700 IJN battleship kit. Assuming they can be removed as recommended and left intact, they are Highly recommended.

At the current exchange rate, the set costs approximately US$9.22. The item # is SO700204. This item can be purchased directly from the Shelf Oddity's website.  Many thanks to Shelf Oddity for providing a review set.