Shelf Oddity
1/700 British 2pdr MkVI pom-pom AA guns


Reviewed by Martin J Quinn
April  2022

Shelf Oddity of Poland has sent us some upgrade sets for review.   This one is set SO700171, British 2pdr pom-pom MkVI eight-barreled naval Gun.  Per the Shelf Oddity website, these weapons were "British eight-barrelled "Pom-Pom" AA 2-pdr guns on mount Mk.VII, widely used for all British and Common Wealth Vessels during WWII Era."  According to the website NavWeaps, "at the start of the war, octuple mountings had been installed on battleships, battlecruisers, some 8-inch cruisers, the AA cruisers Coventry and Curlew, and the minelayer Adventure. The largest number at this time was four Mark VI mountings on both Warspite and Ark Royal."    Shelf Oddity also makes a separate set of quadruple pom-poms as well. 
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The parts arrive in a plastic box.   Inside the box is a small plastic tube with the resin octuple pom-poms parts inside of it, and a piece of photo-etch attached to a small piece of cardboard.   There are parts to make six (6) octuple pom-poms..  

The resin 3D printed parts are well done.   The barrels on the pom-poms are especially nice, with distinctive flash suppressors at the ends of each gun barrel.  The bases have good detail on them as well.     

Close ups of some of the parts details.
There is one small photo-etch fret included.  The PE is very fine, with open decking on some of the platforms, gun sights, and other very, very small parts.    
There are no instructions included.   If you go to Shelf Oddity's website, you'll find a PDF of the instructions there  
These Royal Navy eight-barreled pom-poms are another nice accessory from Shelf Oddity.   The resin parts are well printed and the photo-etch looks very nice (albeit with some tiny, tiny parts).   As seen in some of the photographs above, these will be an upgrade to any kit supplied version, whether injection molded or resin.   Recommended.  

This is Shelf Oddity set SO700171, British 2pdr pom-pom MkVI eight-barreled naval Gun.  They retail for about $ 9.50 USD, and are available directly from Shelf Oddity's website, whom I'd like to thank for the review sample.