Shelf Oddity
1/700 French Navy 37mm Single AA Guns


Reviewed by Martin J Quinn
March 2022

Shelf Oddity of Poland has sent us some upgrade sets for review.   This one is set SO700154, French Navy 37 mm Model 1925 Single AA Gun.  Per the Shelf Oddity website, these weapons were "widely used for all French Vessels during WWII Era", while according to the website NavWeaps, "these weapons were hand-loaded, semi-automatic guns with relatively low rates of fire and were not considered to be very potent AA weapons".

Shelf Oddity also makes a separate set of twin 37mm AA guns as well. 

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The parts arrive in a plastic tube, with a small piece of packaging tucked into the bottom of the tube, to prevent the wafer from moving.   Each 37mm weapon - there are a total of 14 in the tube - consists of two separate parts, which will allow the modeler to mount the guns at any angle they choose.    The 3D printing is terrific.  The hand wheels look especially nice.  

There are no instructions or photo-etch included. 

Close ups of some of the parts details.
These 37mm Single AA guns are quite nice.   They are tiny, but look impressive close up (but are a pain to photograph!).   They should be an upgrade to any kit supplied version, whether injection molded or resin.   Recommended.  

This is Shelf Oddity set SO700154, French Navy 37 mm Model 1925 Single AA Gun.  They retail for about $ 9.00 USD, and are available directly from Shelf Oddity's website, whom I'd like to thank for the review sample.