Shelf Oddity 1/700 IJN Anchor Reviews
(Combined Review of 4 different sets)

Reviewed October 2021
by Dan Kaplan


Like virtually all modern navies, the Imperial Japanese Navy utilized stockless anchors. Their design was virtually identical for all classes of warship and large auxiliaries, differing only in size so as to be appropriate for the given mass of a ship.

1/700 anchors have been an integral part of styrene injection accessory sets for IJN ships since the advent of the Waterline series. Correct scale was sometimes an issue with the initial offerings, but improved over time. Photoetch versions also appeared, offering comparable detail. Today, there are many alternatives in styrene and photoetch, with varying levels of detail.

Shelf Oddity continues to expand its line of 1/700 IJN accessories, now issuing 3D printed anchors for several types of warships, including destroyers, cruisers, battleships, and the Yamato class of battleships. The IJN used the same size anchor for each of its ship types, save the Yamatos, which were so large that they merited special, supersized anchors compared to other IJN battleships.

The Review Sets (x4):

To be absolutely clear, this review combines and covers four different SKUs from Shelf Oddity. The similarity in shape between anchor sizes made the need for separate reviews redundant. Shelf Oddity does not offer these anchors as a mixed set. Each type must be purchased separately.

  • For Yamato Class   SKU# SO700191

  • For Battleships      SKU# SO700192

  • For Cruisers            SKU# SO700193

  • For Destroyers       SKU# SO700194

All the anchors are printed in a dark grey resin, and attached to a single wafer. The wafer is polybagged and then placed in a plastic clamshell casing for added protection. The printings are very sharp and well defined. Know that they are also delicate, and need to cut with care.

Excepting the destroyer set, each comes with two bow anchors and two stern anchors. The destroyer set contains only bow anchors. Perhaps the best and most unique aspect of these particular anchor sets is that the shanks for each anchor has been molded separately. So, each anchor is a two-piece unit.

The advantage is that the individual anchor can be better situated up against the hawsehole. This is unlike virtually all other styrene and photo etch versions, which require one to bend the shank into position, often with less than desirable results. The small downside is that one needs to glue two very small, delicate pieces together.

For comparison’s sake, I have included a sprue of the FineMolds Nanodread WA12 IJN anchor set alongside the Shelf Oddity Yamato class and destroyer anchors. The high level of detail is very similar, but the Shelf Oddity units do have that anchor shank for better placement.


There are no written instructions nor the usual link to an instruction on Shelf Oddity’s website, but assembly is very simple. One just glues the shank at the desired angle to the anchor body and, when dry, to a ship’s hawsehole. r.


These anchors are extremely well done and a welcome addition to any 1/700 IJN kit.   Highly recommended.

The Yamato class, battleship and cruiser sets cost approximately US$3.67 apiece at the exchange rate at the time this review was written. Likewise, the destroyer set cost $3.21. The item numbers are:

For Yamato Class   SKU# SO700191
For Battleships      SKU# SO700192
For Cruisers            SKU# SO700193
For Destroyers       SKU# SO700194

This item can be purchased directly from the Shelf Oddity website:

Many thanks to Shelf Oddity for providing the review sets.