1/700 B-24 Models
Reviewed November 2015
by Timothy Dike
Tom's ModelWorks is now carrying a new line of 3D printed aircraft from Over Angry Seas.  This set features three versions of the B-24 Liberators and Privateer.  There are one each of the following aircraft:
  • PB4Y-2 Privateer
  • PB4Y-1 Liberator - The navalized B-24J complete with an Erco nose turret.
  • B-24D Liberator
They are detailed enough to make out the differences in each aircraft.  The resolution of the 3D printing process is very fine.  Normally the layered effect takes away from the details and you have to sand the parts extensively to get them to look right.  These aircraft look good right out of the box.  In the second photo you can see where I brushed some paint on each aircraft to make them stand out a little more than they do clear.  Each aircraft has pronounced canopy framing and surface detailing.
Tom's ModelWorks has some photo etch props that can be used on these and Star Fighter Decals has markings which should work.
This is a really cool set and any one of these aircraft will look right at home flying over your waterline fleet. 

This is 1/700 US Navy Liberator & Privateer Patrol Bombers Set - (x3) for $22.99. Check out this set and others on Tom's Modelworks website with secure online ordering.

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