Ocean Spirit 1/700 20 mm Oerlikon guns

Reviewed January 2015
by Timothy Dike
Ocean Spirit is a new line carried by Freetime Hobbies. This new set feature the standard US Navy 20 mm single gun mount. 
Ten resin cast guns are included. These are not the solid mounts, but rather represent the light weight tripod style. They are cast solid and you can use a dark wash if you desire that hollow look. Casting is good, but I had two of the ten with broken barrels. A set of separate brass photo etched shields are included to finish them off. The shields are of two types, 22 with no beveled inside slots and 22 with bevels. Which ever you choose, you will have plenty of spares left over.
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A single sheet shows how the parts go together.
These are a handy item for those who need a more scale appearing 20 mm mount. I'm afraid my photos don't do them justice, but I would urge you to get a set and try them out yourself. This set is #OSH117 1/700 Ocean Spirit 20mm Oerlikon Guns and they are only $7.95 a set. 

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