North Star Models
1/350 US Navy Figures

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
December 2013
North Star Models produces a wide variety of aftermarket accessories for modelers. This one is among the most amazing. It is one example of their US Navy figures in 1/350 scale. These figures are in working positions doing a variety of actions around the ship. 
These are the most lifelike figures I have seen in this scale. There are seventy seven Officers and Sailors going to and fro or standing in various poses. This set has mostly sailors with only a few officers to watch over them. The poses rang from busy to some with a little free time on their hand. Perhaps a few more officers might be needed here. There are very few duplicate poses in this set.  Click images
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These are all cast on a single resin wafer with virtually no flash. Many have resin supports running to some of the more fragile parts. To use them, just cut them away from the crowd at the base and carefully cut them at their shoes and remove any support runners. From their it should be a matter of painting and mounting them.

If you need a crew to operate your ships, these guys are just the ticket. You can hire them for less than $0.32 a man! These guys are usable for prewar, ww2, or post way crews. This set is probably best for ships in port and underway since many of the crew are portrayed as moving around. There are two other sets for US Navy crew that should be considered as well they are:

This set is #NSA350506 US NAVY figures in working positions set 1 priced at $25.00, available direct from NorthStar or from Freetime Hobbies. Thanks to North Star Models for providing this review sample.