North Star Models
1/200 US Navy Paravanes

Reviewed March 2015
by Timothy Dike
North Star Models produces a wide variety of aftermarket accessories for modelers. US Navy Paravanes for large capital ships in 200 scale is one of their latest projects. Paravanes were standard equipment on US Navy ships for mine control. This larger style was typical of those carried on Carriers and Battleships.
There are four paravanes in the set, they are a perfect mix of resin and photo etch. The resin parts are well cast with nice surface detail. The main body is cast as a single part with separate out rigger floats. Click images
to enlarge
The flat part are provided on this relief etched photo etched brass fret. The etching is very well done and assembly is pretty straight forward. A mounting cradle is also included for deck mounting.
The instructions are nicely drawn and seem to show everything needed for assembly.

With the larger scales comes the possibility of even more detail, North Star makes that possible with this highly detailed set. This is item #NSA200015 1/200 USN Large paravane for Capital ships 4 pcs in a set with a list price of $12 or about 10.68 € available direct from NorthStar or from online stores like  Freetime Hobbies

Thanks to North Star Models for providing this review sample. Keep an eye on this company, they are producing some really nice upgrades.