Reviewed by Timothy Dike
June 2014
Ship modeling has taken great strides in accuracy in recent years. We have progressed from molded on lumps of chain to painted jewelry that resembles scale anchor chain. But as the scale size of our ships increase with more 350 and now 200 scale ships on the market, this little detail is getting some scrutiny. Jewelry chain while more pleasing to the eye, lack the center stud link that helps keep the links lined up for the handling gear and once you have seen what real anchor chain looks like you won't be satisfied with it.
 Enter Pat Matthew's putting his 3D printing skills to use to produce scale stud link chain in a variety of sizes. This chain is printed as a single object joined together. Some gentle working of the chain breaks the fine joints free and the chain will work free like real chain. I have found that simply working the chain helps free it up. The instructions urge caution as the chain is only about a half a millimeter thick. However I have found it to be quite strong. 

The chain is available in four basic sizes right now; 7.5, 9.5, 11.5, or 13.5 links per inch like my sample. This size is perfect for 1/200 scale capital ships. 

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This is just the start Pat is working on swivel shot, stoppers and other details for you detail hounds. For now enjoy the hobby's most accurate scale chain and stock your chain lockers as this stuff sells out fast. A 15" length sells for only $5.00 on his Ebay store page.

Be sure to follow along on the forum page.