Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Buccaneer Jet - Fixed Wings (Pack of 3)
This set includes three cast metal Buccaneers. They are cast in a single piece with fixed wings and landing gear down. This same aircraft is also available with the wings folded. The casting is a bit rough and you will need to do a little cleanup with a file to remove the flash. The overall shape looks correct and once cleaned up, these should look OK.  Click images
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The instructions are a single color insert showing a finished aircraft. Since there are no parts to assemble or markings included, these are adequate.
If you need some Buccaneers for your CV, this set should fit the bill. This is MT Miniatures - 1/700th Buccaneer Jet - Fixed Wings (Pack of 3) Item number  #MTM007 with a list price of 3.95 GBP. Freetime/Pacific Front Hobbies currently has them for $7.99 as of April 2012. See the MT Miniatures website for details.