Acrylic Weathering Colors
From LifeColor

Reviewed November 2017
by Timothy Dike
Ships and boats are rarely in pristine condition. They are frequently exposed to the effects of Biofouling (the accumulation of microorganisms, plants, algae, or animals on wet surfaces). 

This set contains both matte and gloss acrylic colors. There are 3 special glossy acrylic colors to simulate damp and mold effects for dioramas. Plus 3 matte acrylic colors to replicate grime details. Thanks to the special consistency and flat result of the colors you can produce realistic stains and spots. This combination is a perfect way to bring your models to life.

All you need now is to add your own imagination to these colors and your models will come to life right in front of you. 

This set includes:
  • UA 746 Lime Green
  • UA 747 Dirty Green
  • UA 748 Brown Green
  • UA 749 Vegetable Origin Damp Green
  • UA 750 Vegetable Origin Damp Yellow
  • UA 751 Dark Mold 
Using LifeColor Pigments:

LifeColor Pigments can be mixed with water, alcohol or other solvents and turpentine or white spirit for oil paints. Apply the mixture with a brush or an airbrush that has at least a 0.3 needle and nozzle setup due to the thickness of the pigment. You can also apply the pigments with a dry brush obtaining shades of dirt or dust. By mixing colors and pigments you can obtain a dense paste for simulating 3D effects, which can be very useful painting tracks or simulating rust.

Water soluble acrylic colors for modeling and hobby. LifeColor is excellent for paint brushing or airbrushing on plastic, resin, metal, vinyl, wood, cloth and ceramic.
If your ships spend any time at anchor, you need to "dirty" them up a bit. This set will allow you to accurately weather your ships and boats. Especially if you want to show them in tropical locations such Panama and Guadalcanal. 

This is set #LC-CS39  LifeColor Leaking & Stains set  for £17.99 inc.VAT  (£14.99 ex.VAT). 

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