Acrylic Weathering Colors
From LifeColor

Reviewed August 2017
by Timothy Dike
If you're into modeling large scale sailing ships you're gonna want to check out this set.  Life Color offers a lot of acrylic water soluble paint sets geared towards modelers.  This one is specifically for the various shades of hemp used on old sailing ships.For realism the rope used on the ships was a multitude of shades.  Life color gives you the option of reproducing them.

There are six different colors included.:

  • UA 752 Dark Umber Hemp
  • UA 753 Medium Brown Hemp
  • UA 754 Dirty Hemp
  • UA 755 Worn Out Hemp
  • UA 756 Weathered Hemp
  • UA 757 Colourless Hemp 
These paints can be airbrushed or hand brushed.  They work with plastic, vinyl, resin, wood, metal, cloth, or most any other material..
This is set #LC-CS28  LifeColor Hemp Ropes and Tarps set (22ml x 6) that retails for £14.99 British Pound or 19.80 US Dollars.

You can get it  direct from