Infini Model - Black Lycra Rigging

Reviewed April 2016
by Abram Joslin

Infini Model has produced a thread the sole purpose of which is to use for rigging on our ship models. It comes in four different thicknesses (or Denier, as the packages are labeled.) and includes a guide for which scale to use which product.
The sizes I have are: ‘Fine-for 1/350’ and ‘Super Fine-for 1/700’. I can tell you right now that their labels of ‘fine’ and ‘super fine’ are no understatement. These are as fine, or finer, than human hair. Being made of Lycra the rigging thread is also slightly elastic and, as the insert says, can be stretched to 7 times its size. Care must be taken because of this elastic property as if you pull on it too much it will spring back and deform some (see example pictures). To give an idea of the size of this thread I have included a Bic mechanical pencil with .5mm lead in the pictures
And lastly an example of what it looks like on a 1/700 kit. (Ignore the horribly built kit, it is old and now being used as a test for things, such as this rigging thread).
All in all I would highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone who wants to rig their ships. This thread will save you the trouble of trying to stretch sprue to a regular length and consistency, and because it is slightly elastic will not break if it gets bumped on the completed model. At 145 feet on each roll you will have enough thread to rig possibly hundreds of kits (Depending on which scale you build).

Kraken Hobbies is a new and growing retailer of naval themed model kits and accessories run by fellow modeler Matt Enochs. You will find this and many other products by Infini Models. 

Infini Model Super Super Fine Lycra Rigging sells for $14.00 US.
Infini-Model-Fine-Lycra-Rigging sells for $12.00 US.