C2 by Kelly Quirk
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
One of the overlooked aircraft often found onboard modern carriers is the C-2 Greyhound. Knick named the COD for Carrier Onbard Delivery, this aircraft shuttles personnel and cargo back and forth between land bases and the carrier. With all the modern Carrier kits out there, there is still no company that produces one in 350 scale. Enter Jim Clark of Flight Deck Enterprises with his resin conversion kit. Now you can take one of your E-2C Hawkeyes and combine it with the parts in this kit to produce a nice little C-2.

This kit is an upgrade of their previous one, see this buildup by Kelly Quirk also shown above in completed form. This newer version includes a hollowed out tail section to allow you to show it with the read door down. A new horizontal tail is included as well for those of you that don't wish to try to modify the V shaped one supplied on the kit.

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You will still need the parts off a Tamiya or Trumpeter Hawkeye to complete the kit, but this makes it a bit easier.  click to enlarge
In this kit you get a C-2 Resin body with the main wing roots attached out to the fold points. The molding is good and the only real work will be removing the resin runners. There is a long one on the bottom that should be sanded off as well as where the nose attaches to the sprue. Two strips from the sprue to the wings fell off as I handled mine and shouldn't be a problem. 
A good photo etch set that will work with this kit is the White Ensign Models 1/350 E-2C Hawkeye set
Simple instructions are printed on the back of the labile. In case you missed it, let me just make sure you understand that this is a "conversion kit", not a complete C-2. If your wanting to add this essential aircraft to your flight deck, then this is an excellent starting point. These can be ordered directly from Jim Clark. Cost for the C-2 is $5 for one fuselage and tail. To order, contact Jim at hornet78@cox.net.

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