Black Cat Models
1/350 Royal Navy 44in Searchlights


Reviewed by Martin J Quinn
September 2021

Black Cat Models has sent us some additional items to review.  Among the latest to arrive is set AC350084d, Royal Navy 44in searchlight projector (x4).  According to Black Cat's website, "This type of large searchlight was found on Royal Navy destroyers like the Tribals, battleships (HMS Hood, etc...), and cruisers".
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The packaging is the usual plastic clamshell container, with twa single print rafts containing the 3D printed parts attached to the bottom of the packaging with double sided tape.  

There are four 44in searchlights in the package.   The searchlights are printed in three different positions.   There is some terrific detail to be found on each searchlight, with well defined grab handles and hand wheels, as well as the frame for the lens.  

Close ups of some of the parts details.


There are no instructions in the box, but the packing directs you to the Black Cat Models website.   There, on a data page for the particular item, you will find a PDF on how to remove the printed supports that are part of the 3D printing process, and also how to assemble the weapons.

Another terrific accessory from Black Cat, this as part of their line of Royal Navy products.   These will be a nice upgrade to the kit supplied searchlights on your Royal Navy ship models.  

This is Black Cat Models set AAC350084d, Royal Navy 44in searchlight projector (x4). They retail for about $6.80 USD, and are available directly from Black Cat Models,  who I'd like to thank for this review sample, or from some of our other fine sponsors.   Highly recommended.