Black Cat Models
1/350 3.7cm FLAK LM42


Reviewed by Martin J Quinn
January 2021
After working their way through the world's major navies, Black Cat Models has turned their attention to the Kriegsmarine.    One of the newest products to arrive is set AC350069a, 3.7cm FLAK LM 42 single mount with shield (x4)

According to Wikipedia, The 3.7 cm Flak M42 was the marine version of the 3.7-centimetre (1.5 in) Flak 36/37 and used by the Kriegsmarine on surface ships and as the M42U on Type VII and Type IX U-boats. The 3.7 cm Flak M42U used several types of mounts and entered service in autumn 1943.   The LM 42U mount was developed specifically for the 3.7 cm Flak M42U. It was manned by a 3-man crew, with a fourth man operating as the loader.

 Meanwhile, says that This weapon was manufactured by Rheinmetal-Borsig and was essentially a longer barrel version of the Army 3.7 cm Flak 36. This new gun was a great improvement over the older 3.7 cm/83 SK C/30 and had a much higher rate of fire. Recoil operated, air cooled and used five-round ammunition strips.    These were the first Kriegsmarine light anti-aircraft guns to have shields, a surprising shortcoming of earlier weapons.

It also mentions that the weapon was found on U-boats, the cruiser Emden, destroyers and minesweepers. 

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The packaging is the usual plastic clamshell container, with two print rafts containing the 3D printed parts attached to the bottom of the packaging with double sided tape. 

There are four 3.7cm FLAK LM42 weapons in the package.   One raft contains the mount and shield, the other the four barrels.   The parts have thin shields, seats, elevation and traverse wheels, very thin barrels, ammunition clips, elevation gear and what appear to be gun sights.   Some of these parts are amazingly delicate and thin.

Close ups of some of the parts details.

There are no instructions in the box, but the packing directs you to the Black Cat Models website.   There, on a data page for the particular item, you will find a PDF on how to remove the printed supports that are part of the 3D printing process, and also how to assemble the weapons.
Another terrific accessory from Black Cat, this as part of their new line of German Kriegsmarine products.   You'll have to check your references to see which vessels carried these weapons, but once you do, they'll certainly be an upgrade over the kits parts. 

This is Black Cat Models set AC350069a, 3.7cm FLAK LM 42 single mount with shield (x4). They retail for about $7.25 USD, and are available directly from Black Cat Models - who I'd like to thank for this review sample - or from some of our other fine sponsors.   Highly recommended.