Black Cat Models
1/350 3.7cm FLAK SK C30


Reviewed by Martin J Quinn
March 2021

Black Cat Models has turned their attention to the Kriegsmarine.    One of the newest products to arrive is set AC350068b, 3.7cm FLAK SK C30 twin mount with shield (x4)

According to Wikipedia, The C/30 was a single-shot anti-aircraft gun that was loaded one round at a time which dropped its effective rate of fire to a mere 30 rounds per minute, far inferior to the 120 rounds per minute of its contemporary, the Bofors 40 mm anti-aircraft gun. Its muzzle velocity was on the other hand slightly superior (about 12-15% higher), which slightly eased the aiming. The SK C/30U gun was modified for use by submarines. All mountings were suitable for use against both air and soft surface targets.

Meanwhile, says that This AA weapon was used on every major combatant ship of World War II. It was only capable of semi-automatic firing, with each shell being individually loaded, which made it a rather slow-firing weapon for anti-aircraft defense. For this reason, it was replaced on many ships in the latter part of the war with the 3.7 cm KM42 and 3.7 cm KM43.

This version by Black Cat is the shielded version of the weapon.

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The packaging is the usual plastic clamshell container, with three print rafts containing the 3D printed parts attached to the bottom of the packaging with double sided tape.  

There are four 3.7cm FLAK SK C30 weapons in the package.  One raft contains the mount and shields, another the four sets of twin barrels and breaches, while the third has a cross piece that holds the guns sights.   The parts have thin shields, seats, elevation and traverse wheels, very thin barrels, ammunition clips, elevation gear and gun sights.   Some of these parts are incredibly delicate and thin.

Close ups of some of the parts details.


There are no instructions in the box, but the packing directs you to the Black Cat Models website.   There, on a data page for the particular item, you will find a PDF on how to remove the printed supports that are part of the 3D printing process, and also how to assemble the weapons.

This is another terrific entry in Black Cat's line of Kriegsmarine products.   You'll have to check your references to see which vessels carried these shielded twin 3.7cm mounts, but once you do, they'll certainly be an upgrade over the kits parts.   It also appears relatively easy to assemble, unlike some of the other, overly complex, aftermarket options out there.       

This is Black Cat Models set AC350068b, 3.7cm FLAK SK C30 twin mount with shield (x4). They retail for about $10.00 USD, and are available directly from Black Cat Models - who I'd like to thank for this review sample - or from some of our other fine sponsors.   Highly recommended.