Black Cat Models
1/350 M2 Browning MG on Field Tripod
With Gunner


Reviewed by Bob Craig
March 2021

Black Cat Models from France continues with their line of 3D printed 1/350 accessories with the M2 Browning MG on tripod with gunner (x22), AC350056a.

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THE M2 twin Browning

The packaging is the typical Black Cat clear plastic clamshell container, with very sticky double sided tape to hold the parts in place.

The first thing I noticed is that the x22 is a total parts count, not the total number of seated gunners & MGs. By my count there are 8 seated gunners, 6 MGs with ammo can attached, 6 MGs without an ammo can, and 4 separate ammo cans for a parts total of 24, not 22. So it would seem you get two extra MGs without ammo cans.

The machine guns are extremely well done and the tripod legs and barrels are extremely fine. Like almost hair thin fine. It wont take much pressure from the tip of a sharp #10 blade to remove them from the runner.

Gunners are molded separately from the MGs, and all are in the same seated pose. Faces are somewhat featureless, but they are wearing helmets. The pictures on the Black Cat web site seem to show either a life jacket or bullet proof vest, but the attachment points are on the back of the figures on the runner and it is difficult to tell without removing them from the runner.

Close ups of some of the parts details.


There are no instructions in the box, but they can be accessed on the Black Cat web site by going to Accessories 1/350 US Navy and finding them in the list.
While the faces of the gunners lack detail, once painted these seated .50 cal gunners should make a fine addition to your 1/350 dioramas, in either theater or operations.

This is Black Cat Models set AC350056a, M2 Browning MG on field tripod with seated gunner. It retails for $7.12 (USD) directly from Black Cat Models, and many of our fine site sponsors.  Thanks to Black Cat Models for the review sample.