Royal Navy 2 Pounder Pom Pom MK.VIII

On Motorized Single Mount MK XVI (x4)


Black Cat Models, 1/350 Scale, Printed Resin

Reviewed by Devin Poore, February 2020

The 2 pounder Pom Pom gun was used in various guises by the British and her allies during WWII. This particular mount is a single barrel variety, on a motorized gun mount. 

Packaged in a clear blister pack, the prints are still attached to the printing raft, right out of the 3D printer, supports and all. The raft is stuck to the inside of the package with a bit of double-sided tape. As with all of Black Cat's accessories, the components show no signs of printing artifacts or layer lines. The guns are depicted in two pieces: the motorized mount, and individual barrels. Removal from the print raft and support structures should be easily accomplished, using a sharp pair of cutters/nippers.

There are no instructions included in the set, but an illustrated single-sheet can be downloaded from the company's website, located HERE. The diagram is very useful in identifying the printing supports which need to be removed.


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As with all of Black Cat's 1/350th scale accessories, these are a well designed, highly detailed, and easy upgrade to existing plastic and resin model kits of early and pre-World War II, British warships. 

Thank you to Black Cat Models for the review sample.