MK. 14 and MK. 15
Quintuple Torpedo Tubes (x2)


Black Cat, 1/350th Scale, Resin

Reviewed by Devin Poore, September 2019

Another simple, yet highly-detailed, accessory set from Black Cat Models. All pieces in this set are 3D printed, and still attached to their supports. Previous testing with Black Cat pieces showed that the supports come free very easily, with minimal cleanup required. In the photos, you can make out the printing layer artifacts, but they don't show to the naked eye. The detail is extremely high, look at the cylinder blast shield: the hand holds and top rail are hollow where necessary. Other details such as the torpedo warheads and tube flanges are equally well depicted.

There are no instructions included with the set, but you can download it from the Black Cat models website HERE. It's essentially a single sheet, showing which pieces of the print are the support materials. There are no actual assembly steps included, which isn't a huge deal, as the tubes sit on top of the platform and the blast shield sits on top of that. There is one other piece, though, which I believe is the control console that sits in the same location as the blast shield, allowing the builder to depict an open mount. Use historical photos for reference.


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Nicely detailed, cleanly printed, and they look the part of the full size items. Having parts to build two full sets in each package is another nice touch; it makes it easier for those building multiple DDs or larger ships such as CLs that shipped two mounts. Recommended.

Thank you to Black Cat Models for the review sample.