Black Cat Models
1/350 3in/50cal Mk.22 Gun


Reviewed by Martin J Quinn
August 2019
More new items from Black Cat Models of France have arrived.   Among the latest releases is a set of 3 inch 30 caliber open gun mounts, 3in./50 Mk.22.  This gun was found on many US Navy ships, including the battleships New York and Arkansas, ships of the Buckley, Cannon and Edsall class destroyer escorts, as well as some Gato-class subs, according to

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The packaging is Black Cat's typical plastic clamshell container.   The 3D printed runners containing the guns and barrels is secured to the bottom of the packaging with thick double sided tape,  which prevents the runner from moving during shipping. 

There are four gun mounts and four gun barrels in the package - one set of four on each runner.   The detail, as with everything I've seen from Black Cat, is excellent.   I especially like the gear on the bottom of the 3 inch gun, and the detail on the base, like the seats and pedals for the crew.   You can see how much more detailed these are than the 3 inch gun found in Trumpeter's USS England kit in some of the photos below. 

Close ups of some of the parts details.
There are no instructions in the box, but the packing directs you to the Black Cat Models website.   There, on a data page for the particular item, you will find instructions on how to remove the printed supports that are part of the 3D printing process.
As with previously reviewed Black Cat products, the print quality is very good, the details are superb.  Also, as previously mentioned, these will be a big upgrade over the kit supplied parts. 

This is Black Cat Models set AC350016a, 3in./50 Mk.22.   The pair retails for about $9.50 USD, and are available directly from Black Cat Models.   Highly recommended.

Thanks to Black Cat Models for the review sample.