Reviewed by Timothy Dike
July 2014

Carl Musselman is back at it with another upgrade for his 1/350 Barnegat Class conversion kits. His passion for recreating this unique class of ship has led to this decal set that will allow you to model most any version of the ship from WWII to the post war versions used by many different countries. 
The decals are sharp and clear and well registered. US Navy ships of the class are well covered with hull numbers and names. USCG cutters from the 50's through 67 include Radio Call Sign Letters. USNS survey ships are included. Markings for South Vietnamese Navy (RVN), Philippine Navy (PN), Italian Navy and Norwegian Navy are included. Draft markings are included for the hull. Of course aircraft roundels for the sea plane are included in early and late styles. Not to be overlooked are the Flagships marking for USN COMIDEASTFOR.  Click images
to enlarge
The instructions consist of two pages, with a collection of thumbnail views showing the many marking in use. The second page is background and history of the class.
While this set is specially made for the Barnegat Class, it includes some marking that can be used for other ships. But if the Barnegat Class is your project, this set will finish it off in style. Carl's ship models are first class and you can expect the same for the products he produces. 

This is 1/350 USS Barnegat Class Seaplane Tender Decals priced at $13.00 US. You can buy this set direct from Carl on the Back-Aft Models website.