Reviewed by Timothy Dike

Navy Lighterage (NL) pontoon barges, causeways, tugs and wharfs played vital roles in several theaters of operations during World War II and afterwards.  They were constructed and operated mostly by USN Construction Battalions (SeaBees). The self-propelled pontoon barges were known as Rhino Ferries and they transported personnel, vehicles, fuel, munitions and supplies of all kinds from ships anchored off shore to the beaches.  They had a two foot draft and had a top speed of three knots. 

Back-Aft Models a new start up by Master Modeler Carl Musselman has produced this interesting new set as one of their first offerings. 

This set comes with two Rhino Ferry barges cast in blue resin on a thin wafer. Small parts are cast on resin runners. Large and small Ferry barges, a Pontoon Tug and three causeway sections are included. Outboard motors for the tug, and ramps and supports for the Ferry's are provided. All are well cast with nice detail.  Click images
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Pontoon Causeway sections
Rhino Ferry
Pontoon Tug
Ramp supports
Outboard motors and small details
The instructions consist of six pages showing each component and some display ideas. Photos of the completed barges with parts noted should be all that you need to finish yours.
Carl started this project as a modeler. He is one of the few that actually builds his own kits. Check out his build of this Rhino Ferry on
This is an amazing first kit for Back-Aft Models. I love it that Carl is sharing his scratchbuilding skills in the form of affordable kits. No need to scratchbuild your own, the hard work is done. These are almost ready to load with your favorite 1/350 vehicles and send to the beach head. 

You can buy this set direct from Carl on the Back-Aft Models website for $25.00. It is also available with extra causeway sections, or as individual parts.